Get your instance featured on our site

As part of our community instance program, we are inviting users to host their own instances of LinkStack, which will enable others to use the platform for free.

By participating in this program, users can select from various domains and ensure that their data and privacy are not compromised or sold, unlike other commercial link sharing platforms.

Additionally, by hosting an instance, users have the opportunity to get their instance featured on our site, increasing their visibility and attracting more users to their instance.

Read the following:


Provide the following:

  1. Your domain name for your instance.
  2. Short description.
  3. A thumbnail. Express the visual identity of your instance. A high quality image will make your server look professional. Only JPG, PNG, WebP or SVG formats. Avoid transparency. Keep the image in a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  4. Notable features, like: Hosting country (important for compliance with specific laws), multi domain support, etc.
  5. A contact email where we can reach out to you.

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