About LinkStack

At our core, we are a group of tech-savvy server owners who are fervent proponents of self-hosting. Our passion for these values fuels our desire to provide a platform where like-minded individuals can congregate, share thoughts, and create. This website serves as a hub for us to share our posts, independent content reviews, and guides, allowing us to explore our interests, and hopefully, pique the curiosity of our audience.

In our journey, we’ve also embraced the opportunity to introduce sponsors whose products and services we genuinely believe align with the interests of our community. These sponsorships play a vital role in supporting our project, enabling us to expand and enhance our platform, and ultimately, maintain free access for everyone. It’s our way of ensuring that this community thrives and remains an invaluable resource for years to come.

We are a dedicated group of volunteers committed to developing open source resources freely available for everyone. Our focus is on creating and sharing valuable tools and solutions that empower individuals and communities. While we appreciate the mission of platforms like LinkStack, our primary mission centers on fostering a culture of collaboration, open access, and the spirit of giving back to the online community.

Our projects are funded through a combination of private donations and sponsorships. Occasionally, we may share and review websites or products provided by our sponsors on this site. Every contribution we receive is dedicated to advancing the development of free, open source tools that benefit and serve the wider community.

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While sponsors provide support for our projects, they do not influence the objectivity or integrity of our reviews. We maintain an independent and unbiased approach to our reviewing process, ensuring that our assessments are based on genuine experiences and evaluations. Sponsors’ contributions help sustain our work but do not impact the honesty and transparency of our reviews.

We generate revenue through donations, impartial paid reviews, and referral links.

Partners are organizations or individuals who collaborate with us on various projects or initiatives. These collaborations can encompass a wide range of activities, such as co-development, joint promotions, or mutually beneficial endeavors that align with our mission and values.

All the funds we receive are reinvested back into the project to support its growth and sustainability.