Open Source Linktree alternative

Open Source Linktree alternative

Everything You Need to Know About LinkStack

Goodbye to the limitations of sharing a single link on social media.

Say hello to LinkStack, the ultimate solution for seamless link management.

With a customizable page, provide your followers with access to all your links in one convenient location. Experience freedom and ease with LinkStack.

What is LinkStack?

LinkStack revolutionizes link management by providing a customizable platform where users can display all their important links in one place.

With flexible hosting options, complete control over data, and a user-friendly admin panel for multi-user management, LinkStack prioritizes privacy while offering a seamless link-sharing experience.

What can LinkStack do for me?

LinkStack is a versatile platform that benefits users from all walks of life. Whether you're an individual, a business, or an organization, LinkStack empowers you to conveniently share your important links while respecting your privacy.

Use it as your:

  • Business Card
  • Personal Page
  • Landing Page
  • Portfolio

Represent your brand

Perfect for your social media page!

LinkStack's Features & Benefits:

But what sets LinkStack apart from other link management platforms? Let's explore its unique features and advantages:

  1. Highly Customizable: LinkStack takes customization to the next level, allowing you to tailor every aspect of your page to fit your exact needs. From the layout and design to colors, and images, you have full control over the branding and personality of your link hub. Whether you're an individual or a business, LinkStack ensures that your page reflects your unique identity.
  2. Theme Customization: Enhance the visual appeal of your LinkStack instance with a wide selection of pre-made themes. These professionally designed themes provide a range of styles and aesthetics to choose from. With just a few clicks, you can give your site a fresh and personalized look that matches your personal preferences.
  3. Multiple Users: LinkStack goes beyond individual link sharing by supporting multiple users. This feature is particularly valuable for businesses, organizations, and communities looking to manage and share multiple links collectively. With LinkStack, you can create a customized solution similar to the LinkStack platform, host it for your community, and provide a seamless link-sharing experience to all users involved.
  4. Built-in Analytics: Gain valuable insights into the performance and reach of your links with LinkStack's built-in analytics. Track important metrics such user engagement, and link popularity to understand how your links are performing. This data empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize your link-sharing strategy for maximum impact and effectiveness.
  5. Extensive Links and Custom Blocks: LinkStack offers a wide range of options to showcase your links and add custom blocks to your page. Allowing you to unleash your creativity and design your personal page just the way you want it.

LinkStack is a powerful and flexible platform that empowers you to create a unique and personalized link-sharing experience while offering features like customization, analytics, and multi-user support. Create your own account and try it yourself!

Our mission

LinkStack is dedicated to providing users with a free and open-source solution for managing and sharing links online, emphasizing the values of autonomy and independence from third-party services like Linktree.

We prioritize user privacy and aim to give individuals complete control over their data. With the option to self-host our application, users can maintain ownership of their information without it being sold to third-party companies.

In addition to self-hosting, we offer free instances for users who may not have the technical expertise to manage their own hosting, ensuring that privacy remains a priority for all.

Our platform encompasses a wide range of features and options, rivaling those offered by commercial platforms, while preserving the privacy and autonomy of our users.

We draw inspiration from successful projects like Mastodon and Nextcloud, which have paved the way for empowering individuals and promoting user choice.

Our ultimate goal is to continue advancing our mission and provide everyone with the freedom to choose an alternative solution that aligns with their values and protects their privacy.

Complete Ownership and Privacy

LinkStack takes pride in offering a platform that prioritizes user ownership and privacy. Unlike commercial alternatives, LinkStack provides a self-hosted option that empowers users to have full control over their data.

By hosting their links on their own web server, users can ensure their data remains private and is not sold to third-party companies.

This self-hosted approach allows users to maintain complete ownership and control over their online presence, promoting a more secure and personalized link-sharing experience.

Perfect for businesses and private individuals

LinkStack is a versatile solution that caters to both businesses and private individuals, offering a hostable application similar to Linktree with support for multiple users.

With our platform, businesses can create their own branded linktree-like pages, providing a professional and cohesive experience for their audience. Users have complete control over customization, allowing them to align their page with their brand identity seamlessly.

The administrative panel and user management interface make it effortless for admins to oversee and manage multiple user accounts, simplifying content distribution to represent individuals in an organization.

For private individuals, LinkStack offers a unique opportunity to create personalized link pages under their own domain.

This empowers them to curate their online presence, share their work, portfolios, or personal projects, while maintaining full autonomy and ownership of their data.

Whether you're a business seeking a professional link-sharing solution or an individual looking for independence and control over your online presence, LinkStack provides the ideal platform. We are committed to empowering users, promoting choice, and prioritizing privacy in the realm of link management.


In conclusion, LinkStack stands as a trailblazing platform that embodies a commitment to user privacy, autonomy, and self-hosted freedom. By providing a customizable and feature-rich link management solution, LinkStack empowers individuals, businesses, and organizations to curate their online presence while maintaining complete ownership of their data. Explore LinkStack today.