Building Better Resumes with AI

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Building Better Resumes with AI

I came across an interesting AI powered resume builder. It's the developed by Vardan Melkumyan, a Senior Front-End and Developer from New York.



What is

This site is making it easy for you to store and update your resume while keeping it looking polished. In the modern day and age, nothing can be built without using AI to make our lives easier. Naturally, here it is used to create a stunningly laid out and well written resume.

Generally, putting some personal effort into your resume is still required, but in my testing the results were genuinely promising.

Behind the scenes, the magic happens via an OpenAI based GPT prompt.

Beautiful and easy to use

The site itself is beautifully designed and very user-friendly, built on MongoDB, Express, Next.js with Tailwind.

Example resume



The tool allows users to save their resume for later with and without creating an account. Privacy concerns may arise at this point if user arguably sensitive information is handled properly.

The developer clarified that the tool encrypts your resume data before storing it. Plus, there are plans to implement a mechanism to delete inactive resumes after a year for an extra layer of security.

Free Forever?

As of now the tool is entirely free to use. But will it stay free? According to the developer, yes, it's intended to be free forever. Any potential charges in the future would only apply to new users if server costs become a hurdle.

Final Thoughts

The developer continues to refine the tool, while listening to feedback.
I would love to see this develop into a fully fledged open-source project to preserver and keep it free for the coming future.

In the end, this tool should only be used to try out or build your first draft for a resume. Still, it's impressive the type of professional looking and sounding resumes this tool can build.
Give it a spin and share your thoughts. 🚀✨

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